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OX & WOLF LEGAL PARTNERS As the color of Ox & Wolf is blue, some of the walls are covered with a luxurious dark blue wallpaper; the pattern of the wallpaper refers to the lawer’s gown . Fuchsia pink accents in accessories and wall decoration, as a link to the color of the business card. Cabinets and tables in walnut and black wood. Black design office chairs and black spotlights. The seats in the reception in a beige color. Around the conference table decorative chairs made of walnut wood with beige herringbone upholstery.

Keywords: classic | modern | urban | cosy
Brands: Zuiver | HK Living | Ferm Living | Maretti Lighting | House Doctor | Herman Miller


Ox & Wolf Legal Partners


Office decor


Interior design


Reception and working space


December 2021

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