A well decorated house and distinguished photography creates the right potential buyer experience and has become increasingly important. People who are looking for a new or second home search the internet and are attracted by atmospheric images. In a few seconds people decide if a house is interesting enough to see it extensively. In 75% of the cases, the description is not even considered. A minimum investment in a good presentation of a house will be rewarded!

The right expiration
The right appearance of a home is essential. Atmosphere, style and space provide the attractiveness and attention needed to sell a home. Small adjustments can already make a room different. In most cases, we use existing furniture that we complement with new accessories.

Good image!
After the house is styled, we provide an optimal presentation by creating rich and well-directed photos for brochures, websites and social media; On the basis of that, people decide if they will or may not visit a house. Between the wide offer you can absolutely distinguish yourself with good image!