Guests want special memories of their vacation, which they can share with their friends and family. A distinctive decor certainly contributes to this. In addition, guests are willing to pay more for a well-appointed holiday residence.
Potential guests surf the internet, looking for an ultimate place to stay where they want to have a great time. When looking at the pictures, they must immediately get that holiday feeling. In a few seconds, it is judged whether the pictures are attractive enough to see the holiday home extensively. In 75% of cases, the description is not even considered.
Guest experience
Small adjustments can already help a holiday home to get a different look. In most cases we make use of existing furniture that we complement with new accessories.
Good image!
We not only provide a new experience but also for an optimal presentation by creating rich and well-directed photos for brochures, websites and social media. Between the great offer you can absolutely distinguish yourself with good image!